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About Ethical Incubator

Everything started when The Ethical Incubator team realized that the idea of what a business is, or should be, has been degraded and over-simplified as a mere tool for profit. As college students, we realized that the way that most business majors (e.g. finance, business, economics…) are taught to portray humans differs from the way that other majors do. The modern way to understand rationality is to “maximize self-interest,” and we feel a little bit uncomfortable with such a narrow view. We believe that being rational entails a way to “maximize self-interest,” but it is imperative to realize that treating each other and the Earth respectfully is, in fact, being self-interested--at least when you look at your actions in a long-term approach.

We believe that the emotionless way in which we are defining rationality has been reflected in the way that we are conducting business. Sadly, overall, the last decades businesses have been focused on making money now without asking themselves if the practices from which the business generates revenue involved unethical practices.

As college students, our question was “does ‘higher’ education have anything to do with this new phenomena?” Is there anything we can do about it? Our first discovery was that the way each academic school portrays humans is different. Unfortunately, the trend in business education seems to have a tendency to teach classifying humans as a selfish entity.

We are Lacking Diverse Knowledge

Even though in a bold economic analysis genetically modifying seeds to resist pesticides aiming to decrease the amount of work per crop seems efficient, in an environmental study or a health study, the same practice is seen as very inefficient due to the long-term, negative consequences that pouring pesticides to the Earth and our food can provoke.

We, therefore, concluded that one of the fundamental problems was the lack of inclusion of other academic schools besides the business school. We believe that each academic school can add value to the business world. In order to conduct the philosophy of a business to its full potential, interdisciplinary opinions and efforts are necessary. It just makes sense...

The Ethical Incubator will be a class during one semester, in which the business plan will be written. Different professors will be invited depending on what part of the business plan is being created (e.g. mission statement or financial plan). At the end, the students should have a business plan created by a diverse group of students mentored by a diverse group of professors.

Our Graduates

Ethical Incubator's first incubating business is called Ahki. Launched in Deland, Florida by Stetson University students and their friends, Ahki is a web platform for vendors who meet certain social and environmental standards, and will soon have an app to facilitate better experiences for vendors and patrons of farmers markets.

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